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6 Tips on Straightening Natural Hair without Causing Damage

6 Tips on Straightening Natural Hair without Causing Damage

6 Tips on Straightening Natural Hair without Causing Damage

January 31st was my hair-anniversary and every year I straighten my lovely locks to check its length. I was so excited to see how long my hair got but more important I wanted to share how I safely straightened my hair!

6 Tips on straightening natural hair without causing damage

1.   Always shampoo or clarify before starting the straightening process

It’s important to make sure there is no build up on your strands before applying heat. Build up causes your curls to be lifeless and dull and the same applies when your hair is straightened. Clarifying will ensure your style is shiny and full of life. I washed my hair with Purely Perfect’s NEW Mud Wash which left my scalp feeling clean and fresh.

2.   Deep conditioning is a must

Just do it!

3.   Be sure to apply heat protectants WITH silicones

YES, SILICONES aka cones. Curly hair hates cones but your straightened hair will thank you. Cones create a coat around your strands which over time can create build up and weigh down your hair, however, the coat it creates protects your hair from heat. Just make sure you wash with a sulfate shampoo before getting back to your curly styles. I used a liquid and oil heat protectant during my LOC/LCO process along with my Purely Perfect Whipped Mango Butter in between.

4.   Know the quality of your heat tools (blow dryer/flat iron)

Old and/or low quality heat tools tend to overheat. Now I know we are all balling on a budget, so if you are like me and can’t afford the high quality $300 flat iron, just proceed with caution. Keep in mind that you may need to give your tools a break to cool off while doing your hair so you don’t burn your precious mane.

5.   Be aware of your flat iron’s temperature

Healthy hair burns at 450⁰F. I would suggest: 1. Using a flat iron with a temperature setting (i.e., don’t use a flat iron with just low/high settings) and 2. Setting your flat iron between 300⁰F and 400⁰F, depending on the texture of your hair. Keep in mind, as mentioned previously, older and/or lower quality heat tools can overheat so be aware of that when choosing your flat iron’s temperature.

6.   Don’t reapply heat on dirty hair

I can’t lie, I am an offender of this one. You go to the gym with straight hair and BAM! Roots went back to naps. It would be so easy to just run the flat iron over those unruly roots and restore you gorgeous style… DON’T DO IT! (Don’t take offense, I’m yelling at myself too) Just think of it as volume and maybe try a curly style. Flexirods are a great way to spruce up your puffy, straight style. I just used my Purely Perfect Revitalizing Oil (previously Hair and Body Oil), sectioned my hair into fours and put in large flexirods. Problem Solved!

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  1. Tiffany
    Feb 2, 2017

    Great tips!! Loving all that you’re doing! Keep it up! Thanks for helping us naturals with our curls!

    • Purely Perfect Hair
      Feb 13, 2017

      Thank you Tiffany! We will continue to do our best to share good information! Please feel free to email us topics you’d like to know more about at info@purelyperfecthair.com.

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